The Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday, 17th May  at 7.30pm in Eardington Village Hall and it is hoped that you will be able to attend.

Please note that the Annual Parish Meeting will be held later in the year when the current Covid restrictions are eased. In the meantime, any Parishioner with questions for the Council should submit them in writing to the Clerk.


Councillors are reminded it is a legal obligation that all declarations of pecuniary interests, bias or pre-determination in any matter under consideration by this council, should be made to the meeting whether or not the interest is entered in the register of member’s interests maintained by the Monitoring Officer.     A Councillor with an interest may not speak on the subject and must leave the room during the discussion.  All declarations will be recorded by the clerk.

  1. Apologies

2.   Election of a) Chairman

                  b) Vice-chairman Co-option of Councillors

4.   Appointments   a)  Responsible Finance Officer     The Clerk

                                b)  Internal Auditor                         Mrs.S.Perks

5.   Confirmation of competence of          a)   Clerk

                                                      b)   Internal Auditor

6.   Confirmation of adequacy of a)   Standing Orders

                                                      b)   Financial Regulations

7.   Confirmation of Minutes of the last meeting

8.   Reports           County Councillor


9.   Correspondence  All SALC and other circulars have been forwarded to councillors

10.  Highways

11.  Planning         Application 21/01433/FUL siting of static caravan at Rayland, Half way House Lane

12.  Finance           Clerk salary £804.66, HMRC £x, Lengthsman  £550,       .                       N.Oliver (plants flower boxes 2 years),  I.C.O £40.00, IDH Web Ltd. (Web-site)  £42

13.  Annual Audit of Accounts

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