• Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Eardington Parish Council

Serving the villages of Eardington and Astbury

Minutes 1st March 2021

May 12, 2021

Minutes of a virtual meeting of Eardington Parish Council held on 1st March, 2021

Present           Mr.D.Hollyhead, (Chairman), Mr.B.Williams,  Mrs.C.Blaze, Mr.G.Gavan, Mr.J.Hodgkins

In attendance Cllr.R.Tindall

Declarations of Interest       There were none

Minutes         The minutes of the previous meeting, having been circulated were taken as read and confirmed as a correct record.

Reports           Chairman   The Chairman was very concerned about the continued lack of action from Planning Enforcement regarding several outstanding matters.  Cllr Tindall  would continue to investigate the lack of action.

                        Unitary Councillor A parishioner had contacted Cllr.Tindall regarding Caravan Site Fees at Knowle Sands.  Cllr.Tindall would look into the matter.

Village Hall    Mrs.Blaze said that the Village Hall remained closed.

Nature Reserve report   There was no report available.

Correspondence        All SALC and other circulars had been forwarded to Councillors.

                        Election  It had been confirmed that the Elections would take place on 6th May.

                        Nomination Papers would be available for collection from the Clerk.

                        A National Census would be held on Sunday 21st March.

Highways       All notifications from SC Highways had been  circulated.

                        Footpath 0113    The Outdoor Recreation department had replied to the concerns raised about the footpath at Potseething Brook which would be inspected.


Discharge of Condition 6 (external material finishes) on Planning permission 19/01015/FUL at Moor Cottage, Knowle Sands, Bridgnorth

Application 21/00227/FUL Erection of rear extension at 12 Severn View Drive, Bridgnorth

Consent for Application 20/05204/FUL Erection of fence and wall due to vehicular damage.

FinanceCheques required for Clerk salary £804.66, HMRC £x, Lengthsman  £550       .                        

Other Parish Matters    There were none reported                                                  

Date of next Meeting, The next meeting date of the next meeting would be  determined by the Election

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