AGENDA Monday 6th March


 Councillors are reminded it is a legal obligation that all declarations of pecuniary interests, bias or pre-determination in any matter under consideration by this council, should be made to the meeting whether or not the interest is entered in the register of member’s interests maintained by the Monitoring Officer.     A Councillor with an interest may not speak on the subject and must leave the room during the discussion.  All declarations will be recorded by the clerk. 

The meeting will commence with an open session with local police officer  P.C.Singh 

  1. Apologies  
  1. In attendance
  1. Confirmation of Minutes of the last meeting  

4.   Reports County Councillor


Village Hall    

5.  Correspondence    All SALC circulars and other correspondence has been forwarded to       councillors.

6.   Highways Any further developments regarding Highways. 

7.   Planning          Application 23/00204/FUL (Re-submission)

                              Proposed residential barn conversion to the North of Half Way House         Lane to 4 dwellings including part demolition, landscaping, car  parking, installation of package treatment plant with associated works. 

8.   Finance          Clerk salary £866.66, HMRC £52.60, Lengthsman  £550.                

                             Confirmation of Precept 2023/4

9.   Any business for next agenda

10.  Date of next meeting     Annual Parish and Annual General Meeting, Monday, 15th May 2023

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